Being a Schunikka is not just something they do - it's why they are special!

Let me explain...

Anyone who is owned by a Dalmatian will tell you that they are special and very different to any other breed of dog. Is this just an understandable bias or is there something about these wonderful dogs that is unique?

A short while after our first Dalmatian, Celsie, came to live with us, we were sitting in our living room chatting with friends who had come to visit. After saying hello, Celsie had been let out into the back garden and the back door was closed.

Having got bored with prancing around the garden, Celsie appeared at the patio doors and stared in at us with an "I'm ready to come back in now" look on her face. We noticed her but carried on talking.

Celsie went to the back door and then came back to the patio door a few times then stopped, stood still, cocked her head, looked straight at me and scampered off.

Seconds later, she appeared at the patio door with a shoe in her mouth!

She wasn't just walking past the door with it, she stood and looked me in the eye again! She was clearly saying "look what I've got. I know that you know that I'm not supposed to have it and so, you must come and open the back door to take it off me". Of course, I went to the back door and Celsie trotted around to meet me there. As soon as I opened the door, she dropped the shoe and darted inside.

Now, what kind of mind can understand the predicament, consider what needs to happen next, think through options and feed forward what will happen if they do something like nick a shoe?

It is this calculating, problem solving intelligence that separates Dalmatians from many other breeds of dog and when we tell this story to other people who are owned by Dallys, they all have similar stories.

So, when we were thinking about an Affix, we wanted something that captured the essence of what makes a Dalmatian different and special. We remembered the incident at the patio door and realised that the one thing you can say about them that most aptly demonstrates their unusual and remarkable intelligence, their unique ability to feed forward, and their endearing sense of fun - is that they are SCHUNIKKAS.


Please enjoy this website as much as we enjoy their company