Information about Dalmatian Welfare


We have been involved with helping and supporting our spotty friends from the time when Dalmatians first chose to live with us. We are happy to help anyone who wants to talk about Dalmatians - their care, their behaviour, their needs, how to integrate them into your family and things you can do if you are finding any of these challenges too tough to handle.



For more information about the joys, and challenges, involved in owning a Dalmatian - click on the Challenges link above to learn more about this wonderful breed, their character and their behaviours.


If you have a Dalmatian which you are thinking of finding a new home for - click on the Rehoming link above for information that might help.


If you would like to give a new home to a Dalmatian in need - click on the Adoption link above to find out more about the Adoption Process


To read about some happy endings, or more accurately, fresh starts - click on the Success Stories link above to see some of the Dalmatians who have been happily rehomed through the great work of the Welfare Services.



We hope the advice we have provided on these pages proves useful. If you'd like to find out more, and to take matters further, then the next step would be to contact one of the Dalmatian Welfare Services.


There are 3 Dalmatian Clubs in the UK and each of these has a Dalmatian Welfare Service run by dedicated volunteers who work day and night to help Dalmatians in their hour of need. Please visit and support their sites...


British Dalmatian Club Welfare Service

Website -


The British Dalmatian Welfare is a Registered Charity and their aim is to help, support, offer advice, and in some cases re-home Dalmatians whatever their background or breeding. They are the contact for local authorities for stray Dalmatians and they liaise with other dog rescue charities with a Dalmatian on their books. Occasionally they have to rescue Dalmatians being kept in very poor conditions - these Dalmatians often need considerable care before they can re-home them. In addition to finding permanent new homes for Dalmatians they also use foster homes. This is usually for urgent short term needs such as an owner going into hospital or losing their home. Many of these dogs are older and may require veterinary treatment before they can re-home them permanently. They get help from British Dalmatian Club members and friends nationwide and if you could look after a Dalmatian short term, perhaps as a companion to your existing dog, please contact them or ring the adoption line on 07976 360468 or to discuss re-homing your Dalmatian or any other enquiry call 07905 495084.



North of England Dalmatian Club Welfare Service

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The North of England Dalmatian Club Welfare Service is a Registered Charity No 1084382 which operates to help re-home Dalmatians and to provide help support and education about Dalmatians regardless of pedigree or background. They operate in the North of England from a line through the north of Stafford up to and including Scotland, and can offer help support and advice on most matters Dalmatian. Through a network of Area Co-ordinators and volunteers across the area they assess all homes offered to them and interview all dogs offered for adoption. If you want to offer a home to one of the dogs needing a new home please call them on 07941 861654 or e-mail them on and if you are looking for information or help with living with a Dalmatian, call them on the above number or e-mail